STANLEY, DYNAGRIP™ 18mm Retractable Snap-Off Knife

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STANLEY, DynaGrip Snap Off Blade Knife MP018

Product Overview

The STANLEY® 18mm Retractable Snap-Off Knife is ideal for cutting paper and sheet materials. Featuring a notched blade wheel lock for improved security, 1 blade with 7 cutting segments for a longer life span and a multi-position retractable blade for versatility, control and safety, making it suitable for all types of professionals and home improvement jobs. Complete with a rubber DYNAGRIP™ for a secure, comfortable grip as well as long lasting usability.

Additional Features

  • COMES WITH 1 BLADE WITH 7 CUTTING SEGMENTS: for a longer life span.
  • BLADE HOLDER SUPPORT: Blade holder support and blade guide in stainless steel to reinforce the longevity and solidity of the Snap-Off Knife.
  • BLADE WHEEL LOCK: Notched blade wheel lock for improved security and precision in heavier duty cutting applications.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Ergonomic design with strong DYNAGRIP® handle for secure, comfortable and prolonged use.

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Additional information

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