راينو, رغوة البولي يوريثان لسد الفجوات/متعدد الأغراض


10.50 ر.س شامل ض.ق.م

Product Description:
High-Quality Polyurethane foam recommended for use in construction projects for windows and door installation and gap filling.
At the maximum yield, it allows fillings 22 running meters of gaps or installing 4 windows of a standard size.
• Its regular and stable structure provides high-quality installation as well as excellent waterproofing and insulation properties. Immediate expansion guarantees precise filling and strong adhesion. Product recommended for application conditions where relative humidity is higher than 60%.
• Tested at 50% relative humidity and 23°C. Running meters calculated for a standard joint: width:3cm, depth: 6cm.
Can Temperature: from +10°C to +30°C
Ambient Temperature: from +5°C to +30°C
Expansion rate: up to 78 times
Optimal temperature for application: from +18°C to +90°C
Cutting time: from 40 to 60 min
*In standard conditions of 23°C and 50% humidity.
Application Instruction:
1- Clean, degrease and dampen the surface with water.
2- Shake the can for 30 seconds and screw it onto gun. Keep the can upside down during application.
3- Slowly apply in the gap from buttom to top in side-to-side movements. Fill 70% of the gap.
4- Wait 40 to 60 min and cut the foam excess.
5- Protect the foam against UV radiation with silicone, plater or paint (not sooner than 24H after application).

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